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Wealth Management

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Wealth management

Shaping your wealth together

People are central to our asset management strategy. Therefore, it is essential that we get to know you before we can advise you.

Through our partner, Cyrus conseil, France’s leading wealth management company, we can:

  • Carry out an asset audit,

  • Define your goals with you,

  • Understand your relationship to risk,

  • Build your target assets together. 


Private individuals

Your wealth drives your life choices. Our approach to private asset management is based on four key questions:

  • What do you need to finance your projects?

  • What capital do you need to protect to guarantee your lifestyle and financial independence?

  • How can you plan for your inheritance without giving up full control over the management and income from your assets?

  • What assets can you give to your loved ones to help them through life?


Our wealth management consultants, with the support of our in-house business units and your usual advisors, will work with you to devise the strategy that is best suited to your situation.

Business owners

Asking the right questions throughout your company’s lifecycle will ensure your continued success (from startup to transfer).


For 30 years, we have been helping business owners to optimise the ownership and transfer of their business, alongside their usual advisors (chartered accountants, lawyers, notaries, etc.).


​​We help you to consider the various factors that could affect your continued success such as divorce, accidental death, the sale of your business or the transfer of your business to your family.​

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