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Social protection
and insurance

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Egidis Conseil is Odycé Nexia’s insurance brokage partner

We meet all personal insurance needs throughout the life of a company, for individuals, employees, pensioners and the self-employed.

As specialists in social protection, our advisors focus on 4 key areas

  • Retirement, compulsory and optional schemes (group schemes, Article 83 and Individual retirement Article 39, Madelin Act, etc.),

  • Compulsory or optional, individual or group contingency scheme,

  • Individual or employee appraisal and asset protection,

  • Individual or group healthcare.

We also offer specific solutions for business transfers, such as asset and liability guarantees as well as disability and health insurance policies for bank loans.

Egidis Conseil supports managers throughout their working life, from start-up or take over to hand over or discontinuation, and even beyond.
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