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Optimisation of your accounting and financial departments

From the conventional tasks of preparing or revising financial statements to outsourcing, our main strength is that we tailor our solutions to your specific needs and requirements.

Whether it involves:

  • Monitoring the development of your business

  • Accelerating the production of reporting and the annual balance sheet

  • Fulfilling statutory obligations without having an internal accounting department

  • Keeping your accounts according to IFRS, French/US GAAP standards

  • Optimising your organisation and your finances


We provide you with turnkey solutions:
  • Design of the business plan and possible presentation to financial backers 

  • Creation or establishment of a foreign entity in France

  • Full or partial outsourcing of your accounting

  • Assistance and control of the accounting department: position, balance sheet, forecast budget

  • Programme for shorter production times for financial statements

  • Establishment of analytic accounting / dashboard

  • Optimisation of working capital requirement and cash flow

  • Search for targets within our Nexia network

Consolidations - IAS/IFRS standards

We have built up a wealth of practical experience gained particularly with major corporations. Accordingly, we can help you to transform regulatory constraints into strategic advantages for your group.

Assessing the economic reality of a group’s business operations based on a tax presentation or via corporate financial statements does not give an accurate view of the financial surface of an entity made up of several companies with separate legal statuses. However, this restated data is fundamental to the management, forecasting and financial communication of the group.

  • How to develop our common financial language?

  • How to assign the goodwill of an acquisition?

  • How to improve the group’s financial image?

  • What tax consolidation convention to select?

  • What financial information will help to plan strategic directions?

We will review with you the accounting options to optimise the group’s economic image, in accordance with IAS / IFRS standards and to ensure financial and accounting consistency. We prepare the group’s manual of accounting principles and procedures. We assess the tax options on a projected basis and are able to develop the group’s financial information tools to help you make an informed decision and guide your management.

IAS - IFRS standards

We help companies implement new IFRS standards (9, 15, etc.), we estimate the impact and simulate the new IFRS financial statements. We also handle the problems related with interpreting the standards and when necessary, we can call on the best French specialists.​

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