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A service tailored to each type of association

Odycé Nexia supports local, regional and national associations in all fields (social, medical-social, cultural, sporting, etc.), with the help of staff who are highly experienced in the specific requirements of the non-profit sector.


We use our extensive knowledge of associations and similar bodies to develop tailor-made projects in line with defined needs.

The head of an association generally manages a structure that is akin to a company, on a voluntary basis while bearing all the responsibilities (whether civil or criminal). We provide these skills through our expertise and support approach in training our customers.


Although most associations are not-for-profit, French legislation has greatly strengthened the principle of transparency of accounts in recent years. Many associations are now required to set up proper administrative and accounting organisations, in the same way as companies.


To achieve this, we have the staff, tools and methodologies to make your job easier and less stressful.


Our areas of expertise

Accounting, financial, administrative, social and tax assessments

Full or shared bookkeeping

Preparation of annual financial statements

Training for elected representatives

EPRD: implementation and reporting

CPOM: implementation and monitoring

Analytic accounting

Multisite management

Risk mapping


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