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Corporate Finance

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Growing, investing, selling, are all structuring projects for the development and sustainability of your business

Within our Finance Consulting activity, we support you in these projects in order to make the right decisions, in an ever more complex economic and regulatory context.

By relying on a network of multidisciplinary skills and on employees with the best training, our ambition is to be your privileged adviser during these operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our teams of specialists are involved in the following professions:

Acquisition due diligence on behalf of financial or industrial buyers

Our expertise is recognized by the main private equity players, particularly in operations involving innovative companies. Our ambition is to support you in order to:

  • Securing the transaction, assessing the risks and the guarantees to be put in place

  • Present you with ways to optimize the price of the transaction

  • Identify areas of value creation and facilitate post-acquisition integration


Support for fundraising or sale

We can, with the help of leading partners, fully assist you in the fundraising process in France, as well as, thanks to Nexia International, in the major financial markets. The members of Odycé Nexia have thus supported several clients on the Paris (Euronext), Frankfurt and London stock exchanges.

Participation in financial negotiation

In conjunction with partners (lawyers, accountants, etc.), our expertise allows us to provide you with sound advice in order to make the right decisions that are as close as possible to your interests.

Supporting leaders in decision making

Our expertise allows us to support you outside the strict framework of operations and negotiation, to best meet your strategic, financial and economic challenges for the company.

Company valuations ​


The evaluation of the company is an essential step in many structuring projects:

  • Determination of the possible interval for negotiation of the price of acquisition or sale of all or part of the capital

  • Definition of a fair exit price for a minority shareholder

  • Performing impairment tests (IAS 36)

  • Contributions and merger auditor


There may be significant discrepancies between different valuation methods, or between the estimated value of a business and the price at which it can actually be sold.


It is precisely because there is no absolute truth in terms of evaluation, that it is essential to carry out this exercise with control and objectivity, to adapt it to the context of the operation by associating in particular a in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your company and its environment


In this context, our teams are experienced in valuation methods and will choose the most appropriate. They will also be able to present to you in an educational way a report presenting a value range and highlighting the levers influencing the valuation.

Support for LBOs


The transfer of a business presents key challenges for both the buyer and the seller (sustainability of the business, valuation of the business, optimization of income from the sale, financing of the operation, etc.).

In this context, our intervention is intended to be multidisciplinary (lawyers, wealth management consultants, chartered accountants, etc.) and aims to offer a global vision covering in particular the following stages:

  • Evaluation of the company with a view to finding a win-win compromise.

  • Acquisition audit aimed at validating financial and economic information.

  • Legal and tax engineering: we support you in order to optimize the legal and tax arrangements by taking into account the overall economics of the transaction and assist you in the negotiation and drafting of key documents (letter of intent, guarantee of assets and liabilities, shareholders' agreement, etc.)

  • Financing: We know the constraints and analysis methods of banking establishments. In this sense, we are the privileged advisor of our clients to optimize the financial package and support them in obtaining the necessary assistance.

Business plan development

Drawing up a business plan is an important exercise because it illustrates the strategy envisaged by the management and quantifies the prospects. In certain situations (transfer or entry of an investor into the capital in particular), it is used for discussions on valuation.

The role of our teams is to draw management's attention to the fact that no one knows the absolute truth and forecasts are often made not to be kept. It is therefore appropriate to desacralize this exercise so as not to move away from its real contribution.


Thus we will make you aware of the fact that beyond the raw figures, a business plan is above all useful as a self-discipline tool for the entrepreneur who must strive to respect the course of action adopted. The business plan should help you identify drifts then implement actions and adapt to change as quickly as possible: it is a real risk management tool, much more than an exercise in speculation on the future.


In this context, a business plan is only relevant if it presents an overall coherence. Achieving this objective requires a synthetic structuring of the key hypotheses, by impacts understood and shared by management, and by fluid and coherent costings, as opposed to a “black box”. With the help of recognized software on the market, our teams will support you in your reflections and the construction of the various forecasts (which will be easily updated with you over time).

Financial audits
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